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Eastern Europe Explorer Tour 8/11 Days

Germany • Czech Republic • Austria • Hungary • Slovakia • Poland 

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The Danube River on the Europa continent passes through many countries in Eastern Europe. The beautiful scenery of natural lakes and rivers along the way, the medieval villages and romantic imperial capitals has also witnessed the rise and fall of successive dynasties. The Eastern European countries exude different charming.

Try the local cuisine

German Beer Pork Knuckle Meal, Czech Bohemian Roast Duck, Austrian Teriyaki Pork Ribs, Giri Pork Chop Meal
Hungarian Goulash Beef Bisque with Cabaret, Polish Four Delicious (Sour Soup, Sausage, Trout, Pope Cake)

With all our heart

►Visit Dresden, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, “Florence on the Elbe” and witness the prosperity of the German Prussian dynasty.
►Stay at the Grand Pupp Hotel in Karlovy Vary, a fairy tale world resort hotel in the Bohemian dynasty.

Best of the best

  • 2 nights of accommodation in Budapest and Krakow

  • Take a tour of bright pearls of city-Budapest with blue Danube, golden Prague

  • Time goes back to the boundary of the Cold War-the Berlin Wall

Day 1 // Home City - Berlin

Take a luxury flight to Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Day 2 // Berlin - City Tour

『Berlin』is the capital and largest city of Germany. Compared with other famous cities in Germany, Berlin looks a bit different. The strongest feeling is not the modern hustle and bustle of the metropolis, nor the historical monuments of thousands of years. That is the history that has just passed away.
『Berlin Wall』The Cold War between the East and the West, the Berlin Wall was completed only one night. As a result, Germany was forced to divide into two. The “brother’s kiss” on the wall became an iconic picture.
『Brandenburg Gate』An iconic building with a unified East and West, also known as the Arc de Triomphe in Germany.
『Parliament Building』was destroyed by fire in 1933 and abandoned after World War II. It is now the parliament building of the German Empire.

Hotel: NH Hotel or similar

Breakfast: — Lunch: — Dinner: Beer & Pork Knuckle Meal

Day 3 // Berlin - Dresden - Karlovy Vary

『Dresden』The capital city of the Saxony Kingdom in history. It has hundreds of years of prosperity and splendid culture and art. It is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and also known as “Florence on the Elbe “.
『Zwinger Palace Royal Garden』One of the typical Baroque buildings. The magnificent garden is beautiful.
『The Royal voyages』The world’s largest ceramic painting on the wall, using 23,000 tiles to form the appearance of the travel voyages.

Hotel: Grand Pupp Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Hotel

Day 4 // Karlovy Vary - Prague - City Tour

『Karlovy Hot Springs』The hot spring water is effective for treating diseases such as the digestive system, nerve conditioning, and stomach. Many celebrities such as Tsar Peter the Great, Queen Maria Thalia, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Goth have been here to recuperate.
『Prague』Known as “Medieval Gem” and “Golden Prague”. The city still maintains the medieval style, and countless movies have used it as an outdoor venue.
『Charles Bridge』650 years history. It is a traffic link connecting Prague’s old town, small town and Prague Castle.
『Old Town』has a 500-year-old astronomical clock, Tyne Church, Huss monument; a variety of small shops with various ethnic customs, including famous Bohemian crystals, silverware and small trinkets. You can choose freely.

Hotel: NH Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Bohemian Roast Duck


Day 5 // Prague - Castle Tour - Vienna

『Prague Castle』Built in the ninth century and listed as the world’s largest castle group. It is the palace of successive dynasties, and it is now part of the official residence of the Czech president. There are many architectural styles in the castle, including Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo.
『St. Vitus Church』The imperial church of the crown of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor witnessed the beginning of the religious war.
『Golden Lane』Named after the residence of the alchemists who created gold ornaments for the royal nobles in the early years. The trails are like small houses for fairy tales, lined with small shops and selling beautiful souvenirs.
『Vienna』』 Known as the “Capital of Music”. During the Eighteenth to Nineteenth centuries, many famous musicians, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Waltz King John Strauss, all composed in this famous city and made great movements that have been passed down to now. Attractions in the city: State Opera House, Stephen’s Cathedral, Parliament Building, City Hall, Hofburg Gate, Heroes’ Square, Queen’s Square. Enjoy a wonderful concert at your own expense.

Hotel: Trend Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Austrian Pork Ribs

Day 6 // Vienna - Schonbrunn Garden - Budapest

『Schonbrunn Palace Garden』The flowers and trees in this garden are designed by famous craftsmen with a pattern design, which is magnificent. The garden is the best place for photography and sightseeing.
『Budapest』A romantic, beautiful city of Hungarian. It was known as the “Pearl on the Danube”.

Hotel: Novotel Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Schnitzel Pork Dinner: Hungarian Goulash Dinner Show

Day 7 // Budapest - City Tour

『Fisherman’s bastion』The best place to overlook Budapest, the Parliament Building and the Danube river.
『St. Mattias Basilica』The coronation ceremony for the Hungarian kings, it was named “Coronation Church”.
『Heroes Square』Built to celebrate 1000 years old national day of Hungary.
『St. Stephen’s Basilica』contains the right hand mummy of St. Stephen’s “Immortal Hand” and is called “Holy Right”.
『Vaci Road』Well-known pedestrian and leisure street with many stores and cafes.
In the evening, you can also take the opportunity to ride on the Danube Boat River dinner at your own expense and experience the charm of the blue Danube River at night. The cruise ship crosses over the bridge in the city, and the beautiful buildings on both sides can be seen onboard.

Hotel: Novotel Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: —

Day 8 // Budapest - Home City

Transfer to the airport then flight back to your hometown.


11 Days Tour

Day 8 // Budapest - Slovakia - Krakow

『Slovakia』Small country but the number of castles is very large. The scenery along the way is bright, and the scenery is comparable to the Swiss mountains. Occasionally, the simple countryside is dotted with it, which is beautiful.
『Krakow』The old capital of Poland contains countless cultural relics and national symbols, and is listed as a World Heritage because of its charm. You can go to the Wieliczka Salt Mine on the outskirts of the city to explore the cave 442 feet deep. There are many the salt carvings under the ground, which will make visitors astounded, and will definitely increase the visibility of you.

Hotel: Novotel Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Hotel dinner

Day 9 // Krakow-Auschwitz - Krakow - City Tour

『Auschwitz Concentration Camp』During World War II, Germany built more than 20 concentration camps around Europe. This is the largest one. Visitors can understand the sorrow of World War II, and cherish the value of peace.
『Krakow City Sightseeing』The famous old castle contains the old palace of the King of Poland, and the next main church is also the place where the late Pope John Paul II became cardinal. The church is peculiar in architecture and its gold leaf dome is majestic. Maria Church in the old town and it is one of the most beautiful municipal squares in Europe. The markets and stores in the square are the best place to buy souvenirs.

Hotel: Novotel Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Polish sausage meal, pope cake Dinner: Polish Sour Soup Meal

Day 10 // Krakow - Warsaw - City Tour

『Warsaw』The capital and largest city of Poland. It is a well-known ancient city in Europe and is known as the “Green Warsaw Capital of the World”.
『Łazienki Park』The Chopin Monument is located in the park. Chopin is admired and every year a piano concert is held under the monument. The park is also a royal garden, with a quiet and elegant environment, very casual.
『Old Town』New World Street, Holy Cross Church, Presidential Residence, Warsaw University, Royal Palace Castle, Mermaid Statue, Madam Curie’s birthplace and other beautiful places.

Hotel: Westin Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Polish trout

Day 11 // Warsaw - Home City

Transfer to the airport then flight back to your hometown.

Breakfast: Hotel

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