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Follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, walk through every biblical story scene in Israel, ride a healthy horse, and pace to the ancient city of Petra, the seven wonders of the new world, to experience a unique and unforgettable experience. The ancient Nile River has given birth to a mysterious and unique ancient Egyptian civilization, solemn temple palaces, and majestic pyramids, which have witnessed the glorious years of ancient civilization.

 With all our heart

► Upgrade 3 nights in 5-star Hotel
► Horse ride to explore the ancient place: Petra
► Camel ride in the Sahara desert, explore the mystery Pyramid
► 3 nights on board on the Nile River Cruise
► Ride on the ancient style boat on the Nile River, unique experience

Best of the best

  • Four famous cities in Scandinavia: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki。

  • 2 Baltic Sea overnight cruises: DFDS, Silja Line

  • 2 High-speed train: Helsinki to St Petersburg, St Petersburg – Moscow科

  • 3 Royal palaces in Russia: Hermitage, Peterhof, St Catherine

  • 2 world-top class performances: Russian Circus & Folklore Musical Show

  • 3 nights stay: St Petersburg, Moscow

Day 1// Home City – Telavi

Travel aboard a luxury airliner to Telavi, the capital of Israel.

Day 2// Telavi – Bethlehem – Jerusalem

『Bethlehem』The birthplace of Jesus Christ. The Church of the Nativity-The manger where Jesus was born and a silver star under the altar mark the place where the little Jesus was born. Visit the Shepherd Church.

Hotel: Ramada Jerusalem or similar hotel.

Breakfast: — Lunch: — Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 3// Jerusalem – City Tour

『Jerusalem』IMost of the biblical stories take place here. They are the holy cities of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
『Mount Temple』The site of King Solomon’s Temple. It has now become Israel’s largest mosque-the Omar Mosque.
『Oma Mosque』The place where Muslim ancestor Muhammad “stepped on the stone”.
『Wailing Wall』Known as Western Wall, it is the most holly place for Jewish people.
『Zion Mountain』The place Jesus and his disciples had dinner together, walking down to the jewish Holy Land David Mound.
『David City』 The waterway connecting Hezekiah’s tunnel to Gihon Springs. The end of the tunnel is called “The Pool of Siloam.” It was two thousand years ago Jesus told a blind man to go to the pool where the eyes were washed. Once he washes, he would see the light again; the holy pool water is the cure for the blind illness.
『Sadness Road』Relives the painful avenue Jesus walked with the cross, and finally reached the Holy Sepulcher at the terminal.
『Mount Oliver』There are many churches commemorating the sacred sites of Jesus on the mountain-the Church of the Ascension of Jesus, the Church of the Lord’s Prayer.
『Gethsemane Garden』Where Jesus was betrayed to Roman soldiers by Judah.
『Church of all Nations』Praised by all other nations.

Hotel: Ramada Jerusalem or similar hotel.

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 4// Jerusalem – Haifa – Tiberias

『Haifa』The Bahá’í Temple is also a well-known Persian garden.
『Beatitudes』 The world’s treasure of literary treasures, known as the “Beatitudes”. The Beatitudes are eight blessings recounted by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew.
『Tabgha』“”Five Loaves and Two Fish Halls” was built in memory of the miracle that Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish.
『Capernaum』It is the main center of Jesus’s preaching. Take an antique boat tour of the Lake Galilee to Tiberias.

Hotel: Plaza Nazareth or similar hotel.

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 5// Tiberias – Jerash – Dead Sea

『Jerash』A well-preserved ancient Roman city. The ruins of temples, palaces and baths can be seen everywhere, all telling the glory and vicissitudes of historical changes.
『Dead Sea』The lowest lake in the world. Because the salt content of seawater is seven times more than the ordinary seawater, many things cannot survive in it at all, so it is called the Dead Sea. Have the opportunity to swim in the Dead Sea, even you don’t know how to swim, and you will never sink; also you can enjoy the black mud bath by the beach.

Hotel: Movenpick or similar hotel.

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 6// Dead Sea – Madaba – Mt Nebo – Wadi Rum – Petra

『Madaba』“Sanctuary Layout” on the ground of St. George’s Church in “Madaba Holy City” is a large-scale, well-preserved, detailed map of Jordan, Palestine and Egypt.

『Mt Nebo』Where Moses looked at the Promised Land opposite the Jordan River, also it was where Moses died and ascended to heaven.

『Wadi Rum Valley』Called the “Red Valley”. The Bible records that the Israeli people left Egypt to Jerusalem this way. The famous movie “Lawrence of Arabia” was also shot here. The valley is located in the desert, the earth and stones are red, and the long-term wind erosion has created a unique wonder. Group members can even take a four-wheel drive jeep to cross the desert and experience exciting new experiences.

Hotel: Movenpick Resort or similar hotel

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 7// Petra Tour – Amman

『Petra』The place where Moses dipped into the water. The exquisite churches and city buildings are carved in the rock, and the winding path canyon is a spectacle. This is also the location where the film “Indiana Jones” was filmed. Ride the narrow stone path into the mysterious ancient stone city and experience the exotic atmosphere.

Hotel: Movenpick or similar hotel

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 8// Amman – Aswan

『Amman』The capital of the Kingdom of Jordan, a historical and cultural center. Built on 7 hills, the streets meander and undulate with the mountains. Most of the buildings are made or decorated with local specialty white stone walls, which looks particularly clean. Museums of ancient Roman ruins, Roman Theater, tell you stories and history that have happened here.

Hotel: Movenpick Resort or similar hotel

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 9// Aswan – High Dam – Nile Felucca

『Aswan Dam』 One of the world famous projects. The magnificent appearance has changed the people’s livelihood in Egypt, created water conservancy buildings for farmers on both sides of the Nile, and improved the power supply in the area and the living standards of the local Egyptians.
『Obelisk』An unfinished stone stele left by the ancient Egyptians, which will immediately unravel the doubts of the ancient Egyptian architecture.
『Nile Felucca』Sailing on the Nile to admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the bank, and along the bank shore you can see the tomb of the Muslim leader Aga Khan, located on the edge of the desert, and the beautiful botanical garden island; the island is planted with exotic flowers in Southeast Asia, Africa and India.

Hotel: Movoenpick Resort or similar hotel

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 10// Aswan – Abu Simbel – Nile River Cruise – Temple of Kom Ombo

Free at leisure in the morning. Optional to visit the Abu Simbel Temple, which costs $40 million and took 5 years to relocate the ancient temple here.

『Temple of Kom Ombo』The front part of the temple has been plunged into the Nile. The temple is built with a symmetrical mirror-like structure. All buildings are paired, such as the Sobek Temple and the Temple of Hores. Both sides of the north and south are very distinctive.

Hotel: Nile Cruise

Breakfast: Hotel      Lunch: Local restaurant      Dinner: Onboard

Day 11// Edfu - Luxor

『Temple of Edfu』The Temple of Edfu is magnificent, and the carvings on the walls are still clearly visible. In front of the temple is a local market, where you can buy authentic souvenirs or costumes.

Hotel: Nile Cruise

Breakfast: Onboard Lunch: Onboard Dinner: Onboard

Day 12// Luxor-Valley of Kings – Queen Temple – Luxor Temple - Karnak

『Valley of Kings』.The famous tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen in the “Emperor’s Valley” was discovered in 1922, and it is considered to be the most complete and historically valuable. At the time of discovery, it contained a large number of pure gold art treasures and ancient relics (now stored in the Egyptian Museum ). After that, visit the Valley of the Emperor, the Queen’s Hall, the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Kana on the East Bank.

Hotel: Nile Cruise

Breakfast: Onboard      Lunch: Local restaurant      Dinner: Onboard

Day 13// Luxor – Cairo – Great Sphinx of Giza

『Pyramid』The pyramid of the seven wonders of the world has a history of 4,500 years. It is the tomb of the Pharaoh of the ancient Egyptian dynasty. It was constructed with 100,000 people and 2.3 million megaliths (each weighing 2 to half to 16 tons). The project, which lasted 20 years.

『The Sphinx』It has experienced the prosperity and decline of the Egypt, and still silently guards the tomb of Pharaoh. As the years go by, it goes through vicissitudes. Camel ride in the Sahara Desert to explore the pyramids.

Hotel: Le Meridien Cairo Airport or similar hotel

Breakfast: Onboard Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Onboard

Day 14// Cairo – City Tour – Home City

『Egyptian Museum』It has more than 3,000 years of cultural relics and monuments, such as the giant pharaoh statue, the royal treasures carved by pure gold, the 242-pound Tutankhamen gold coffin, and the bread and seeds that can still sprout even stored 3,000 years ago.
『Mosque of Muhammad Ali』The entire mosque is built with snowflake marble, beautiful in shape, standing in the castle on the hill in Cairo.
span style=”color: #ed9209;”>『Grand Bazaar』Here you can buy exquisite Egyptian souvenirs such as bronzes, hookahs, etc., or sit in authentic coffee cafes. Free shopping.

Hotel: Radisson Blu or similar

Breakfast: Onboard Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 15// Home City

Arrival at home city

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