Project Description

Adriatic Balkan Encompassed Tour 14 Days

Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy

FEEL the perfect moment

The magnificent Balkan peninsular finally get to unveil its mask following the fallen curtain of the ex-Yugoslavia in the 90s. This sleeping giant has everything to offer: from beautiful natural national parks to UNESCO old cities from the 14th century that was spared by the wars. A place that will never be forgotten!

Best of the best

Guarantee to spend the night by the Adriatic Sea in a 5 star hotel of Dubrovnik’s
 Visit UNESCO heritage sites such as: St Rila Monastery, Lake Ohrid, Plitvice National Park, Dubrovnik Old Town, Budva, Kotor, Split Diocletian Palace, Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle.
 In the world famous story Dracula, we visit the background castle of Bran. Situated in the deep forest of the Sinia Mountain, the Peles castle awaits us with amazing collections.
Explore “Little Venice” – Trogir
Bring you to the best scenic place in Slovenia – Lake Bled
Make a stop in Italy to experience the power of Brand names outlet mall

Try the local cuisine

► We try all the tasty and authentic local meals which include Pork Knuckles with beer, traditional dance dinner show, barbecue meat, fresh fish and seafood by the water.

With all our heart

► Upgrade multiple nights hotel accommodations to 5 stars; enjoy various local cuisines
►Visit the “Pearl of Adriatic” Dubrovnik, enjoy one of the top 10 medieval towns in the world. The 2km long city wall has a nickname called “Mini Great Wall” and it gives a perfect arial view of this amazing old town from above. Going by boat around this city gives you a complete different perspective which is equally unforgettable.

Fare including:

  • 4-5 Star Hotels
  • Return International Air tickets
  • Sightseeing entrances and tickets indicated in the program
  • Meals plan indicated in the program
  • Professional tour leader
  • Luxury coach
  • Custom & Airport taxes: CA$580

Fare excluding:

  • Travel insurance and personal expenses
  • Tour leader、Local guide、driver service fee (EUR€ 10 per day)
  • Visa: Canada、US、HK passport visa free;
    China passport needs Multi-entry Schengen Visa
  • Not indicated programs in the itinerary
    Optional Tours

Day 1// Home City - Bucharest

Relax on the luxurious plane ride to the Romanian capital

Day 2// Bucharest

『Bucharest』went through dramatic changes in recent years and the “Little Paris” from old times hasn’t been the same. Luckily, most monuments and landmark buildings have been kept in place.
『The People Palace』 was known to be the 2nd largest government building in the world.

『Victory square, Union Square, Revolution Square』 Strolling through the old town district, it seems like traveling back in time during Ceausescu’s.

Hotel: Crowne Plaza or similar

Breakfast: — Lunch: — D: Pork Knuckle with Beer

Day 3// Bucharest - Peles Castle - Bran Castle - Bucharest

『Peles Castle』 One of the most beautiful castles you will ever see, combines multiple styles like Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Classical and even graffiti. Well hidden in the mountains, this castle has more to offer in the interior rather than the breath-taking exterior.

『Bran Castle』is built for the medieval king – Vlad the Impaler but most people knows it as the Dracula castle. The world famous story now lies in the 14th century citadel.

Hotel: Crowne Plaza or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant D: Local Restaurant

Day 4// Bucharest - Veliko Tarnovo - Sofia

『Veliko Tarnovo』 was the old capital city of the 2nd Bulgarian Kingdom. Its unique landscape and layout of the city showcase the prosperity of the ancient Bulgarian power. On top of the hill lies an exhibition hall of modern art inside the Orthodox Church. Rose product is the best quality souvenir you may find in this beautiful country.

Hotel: Novotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Local Restaurant

Day 5// Sofia - Rila Monastery - Alexander Nevsky Church - Skopje

『Rila Monastery』In the 10th century, St. Ivan founded the monastery in the Rila Mountain. And we can still admire this amazing complex with the double arches and fresco on the walls and ceilings from different angles.

『Alexander Nevsky Church』
Built after the Russian saint, it is the largest Orthodox Church in the country of Bulgaria. This 10th century building has a shiny golden dome top which can be spotted from a far distance.

Hotel: Marriott or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Local Restaurant

Day 6// Skopje - Ohrid

『Skopje』The stone bridge connects the two sides of the Vlada River since the 15th century. On one side we can visit the Mother Teresa Memorial and her old house. The opposite side awaits us with the Muslims old bazaar.

『Mother Teresa Memorial』A place where a generation of great Mother Teresa spend her childhood. She devoted her life to the church, serving the poorest and the humblest in humanitarianism.

『[Ohrid Lake』 is one of the oldest lake in the world with the double UNESCO sites in the old town and the lake itself. One third belongs to Albania and the rest on the Macedonian side that produces the world famous Ohrid Pearls.

『Church of St. Pantimon』 Built in 12th Century, one of the oldest surviving churches in Macedonia.

Hotel: Belvedere Granit Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Local Restaurant

Day 7// Ohrid - Tirana - Budva

『Tirana』Albania is the most isolated country in the Balkan carrying the challenges of religion and language from the surrounding countries. The beautiful coastline creates opportunities for businesses and gorgeous scenery for travellers.

『Budva』 Entering Budva in Montenegro makes everyone fall in love with the Adriatic Sea instantly with just one look at the sea. The beautiful Venetian old town situates right on the edge of the water.

Hotel: Mastral Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Hotel

Day 8// Budva - Budva City Tour - Kotor - Dubrovnik

『Budva』 Budva and Kotor are very close in distance but drastically different in style and feel. Budva is more of a beach town with amazing hotels and casinos.

『Kotor』 on the other hand is little bit more commercial with the amazing inner bay for cruise liners.

Hotel: President Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Hotel

Day 9// Dubrovnik - Split

『Dubrovnik』 Surrounded by the 2km long city wall is the top ten medieval towns in the world – Dubrovnik. Also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, its V shape landscape is unique and truly one of a kind. The combination of oldest pharmacy in Europe, St. Basil church, Rector Palace and many more makes this place a heaven for all ages.

Hotel: Atrium Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Local Restaurant

Day 10// Split - Trogir - Zagreb

『Split』The second largest city in the country, Split draws hundreds of thousand visitors every year with many reasons. Diocletian Palace is a live UNESCO site from the 2nd century with collections from all over the world. Everyone is truly amazed by the knowledge combined to erect such amazing structure

『Trogir』 Croatia is a country with over thousand islands and Trogir has to be one of the most beautiful site of all. Small but compact, simple but elegant; Trogir has more for much more for us to discover!

Hotel: Sheraton Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Local Restaurant

Day 11// Zagreb - Plitvice National Park - Zagreb

『Plitvice National Park』The secret of Plitvice is its ever-changing sceneries and colours which will never have a dull moment. Different lighting during the day, different angle of the sun, different reflection off the cascades and different season of the years all contribute to the uniqueness of this amazing place. No two pictures are the same in Plitvice just because it’s the best kept natural wonder in all of Europe.

『Zagreb』Voted “Best Travel City in Europe”, Zagreb requires maximum time for your enjoyment. Unified with the 2 towns divided by 1 river, this capital city has many hidden gems without reach.

Hotel: Sheraton Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Barbecue meat Dinner: Local Restaurant

Day 12// Zagreb - Lubljana - Lake Bled

『Ljubljana』The most beautiful capital city in Europe, once said by Times Magazine, is Ljubljana. Surrounded by Ljubljana River, the entire city has everything to enjoy and explore. Starting from the triple bridge and slowly making our way to the castle, it’s definitely a moment that is truly memorable.

『Lake Bled』No need to go far if you are looking for zero pollution! Lake Bled is the best preserved lake in Slovenia with glacier water running down from the mountains. Riding on the flat-bottom pletna boat on the surface of Bled, it will truly take your breath away.

Hotel: Park Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Local Restaurant

Day 13// Bled - Postojna Cave - Predjama Castle - Outlet - Venice

『Postojna Cave』
Entering the 2nd largest limestone cave in the world requires a 15 minutes train ride, we are all traveling back in time for about 700 million years. The formation and size of the cave make the unforgettable memories.

『Predjama Castle』The only castle in the world that is hanging in midair in a cave – Predjama castle. It is like only something you can imagine from the craziest movies.

Hotel: Move Hotel or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local Restaurant Dinner: Hotel

Day 14// Venice – Home City

After breakfast, transfer to airport for flights home.

Breakfast: Hotel


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3 adults share a room without extra beds (Limited)
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