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Southern Europe Garlicia Delight Tour 12 Day


FEEL the perfect moment

Welcome to Porto, second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, known for its Port Wine production.  Visit Lello & Irmão Bookstore which is rated as the third most beautiful library in the world. Enjoy a sip at Majestic Café and eye feast of charming Douro River.

Try the local cuisine

Traditional Portugal Roasted Duck Rice、Spanish Goose Barnacle、Spanish Beef Stew, enjoy the sunset and dinner on board of Douro River cruise

With all our heart

The University of Salamanca is the cradle of Spanish language spoken by 5 billion people in the world. It’s the most prestigious recognition of graduate from the Spanish school at the University of Salamanca.  There’s tradition at the university says, if a new student could find a frog representing wisdom at the entrance, the student would be among the smartest. Can you find it?

Best of the best

  • Wine tasting at famed winery in Porto

  • Head to fishing village Cambarro and experience extraordinary Spanish culture

  • Visit the birth place of the Kingdom of Portugal – Guimarae, the cradle of Portuguese civilization

  • Stroll on one of the ten best beaches – GiJon

  • Explore the 3rd pilgrimage site in Europe and Santiago de Compostela Cathedral where the miracle appeared

  • Visit Isabella of Castile – Avila

Day 1 // Home City–Porto

Fly to Porto, home to famous Port Wine.

Day 2 // Porto

Porto is one of the oldest European centres and proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. The settlement dates back in 5th century. It became the major trade port in Portugal since 16th century.

『Igreja de São Francisco』Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the church is the most prominent Gothic monument in the historical city center, known for its outstanding Baroque inner decoration.
『Palácio da Bolsa』The palace is a historical building in Neoclassical style.  The interior of the Palace is magnificently decorated and inspired by many countries.  There are several rooms in the Palace: Tribunal Room, Assembly Room, Golden Room, and the highlights are the Arab Room.
『The 3rd most beautiful library in the world』The famous Livraria Lello Bookstore in Gothic architectural style.
『Majestic Café』Relax at the most celebrated of Porto’s cafes and enjoy shopping at Catarina district.
『Douro River Welcome Dinner』Enjoy dinner on board of Douro River cruise and experience the charm of European historical heritage.

Hotel: Eurostars Heroismo or similar

Breakfast:–    Lunch:–    Dinner:On cruise

Day 3 // Porto - Guimaraes - Winery - Porto

『Guimaraes』It is believed the birthplace of Portugal’s first king and “the cradle of the Kingdom of Portugal. It is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 and recognized as one of the best preserved European cultural center in 2012.
『Winery tour』Wine tasting at famed winery.

Hotel: Eurostars Heroismo or similar

Breakfast: Hotel         Lunch: Local restaurant          Dinner: Traditional Portugal Roasted Duck Rice

Day 4 // Porto - Cambarro - Santiago

『Cambarro』A lovely coastal village and boast the most beautiful town in Spain.
『Santiago』The burial site of James the Great, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. The Scallop Shell, emblem of St James, is seen along The Way of St. James from all directions. There are many versions of the myth about the origin of the symbol.

Hotel: Gran or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 5 // Santiago - La Coruna

『La Coruna』Built during the ancient Roman times and the name derives from the Roman inhabitant. It was once ruled by the Portuguese and British,The Old Town is located the east end of the Northern side of the peninsula, where the new town links the peninsula and the mainland. To the west of the peninsula sits picturesque Orzan Bay. The famous Roman Tower of Hercules has been in continuous operation for almost 2000 years; the busy Maria Pita Square has long been a military hot spot due to its strategic location. Don’t miss the local specialty Goose Barnacle.

Hotel: Hesperia Finisterre or similar

Breakfast:Hotel Lunch:Local restaurant Dinner:Spanish Beef Stew

Day 6 // La Coruna - Cudillero - Gijon

『Cudillero』Relax in this coastal town with beach and harbour
『Gijon』Located on the south shore of the Bay of Biscay. It was once an important military base in Ancient Roman Empire. The crystal wide blue ocean attracts many tourists every year. Sanlorenzo is the biggest beach and among the ten best beaches in Europe. Take a romantic walking in the sandy beach.

Hotel: OCA Palacio De La Llorea or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Goose Barnacle Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 7 // Gijon - Santillana

『Santillana』A historic town situated in northern Spain. It preserves architectural style of medieval Roman times. There is an old saying that the name implied three lies: it is neither a Saint, nor flat, nor is it by the sea. The historical stone-cobbled road seems to freeze the time from thousand years agon.

Hotel: Arcea Gran Hotel Pelayo or similar。

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 8 // Santillana - Burgos

『Burgos』A City of Gastronomy covered by wheat. As the ancient capital of four empires, Burgos is rich in churches and convents with unique and magnificent architectural structures and amazing treasures housed in the cathedrals. Significant historical figure in Spanish history EI Cid was born near Burgos. Not to mention the proof of oldest human inhabitant was found here!

Hotel: Puerta De Burgos or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 9 // Burgos - Valladolid - Salamanca

『Valladolid』A city with the combination of history, art, museums, literature, wine culture, cuisine, and festivals. The old town is made up of a variety of historic houses, palaces, churches, plazas, avenues and parks.
『Salamanca』Known as “Gold City” for its gold mining. Visit Plaza Mayor, Casa de las Conchas, cathedrals, University, and Old Town Streets.

Hotel: Catalonia Plaza Mayor or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 10 // Salamanca - Avila

『Avila』Historical and cultural town, also called “Isabella of Castile” . It is the birth place of famous queen of Spain – Isabella. Situated 1131 meters above sea level, Avila is the highest provincial capital in Spain. Avila is famed for “Town of Stones and Saints”, and was declared a UNESCO World heritage Site in 1985. It is built on the flat summit of a rocky hill surrounded by the lofty Sierra de Gredos and Guadarrama with beautiful scenery. Built in 12th century, the old town is magnificent comprising 9 gates, 88 blocks of semicircular towers and 2500 merlons.

Hotel: Palacio Valderabanos or similar

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Local restaurant Dinner: Local restaurant

Day 11 // Avila - El Escorial - Madrid

『EI Escorial』Located on the south slop of Guadarrama. It was built for monastery but functioned as basilica, royal palace, pantheon, library, museum, university, school and hospital. The grand complex displays priceless collections of European art masters, and claimed the 8th Wonders of the World.
『Madrid』Drive by the Royal Palace of Madrid, Plaza Mayor, Fuente de Cibeles, Puert del Sol. Enjoy leisure time in the city.

Hotel: Marriott Auditorium Hotel or similar 。

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: — Dinner: —

Day 12 // Madrid - Home City

After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight home.


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