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Ukraine ♦ Belarus Discovery Tour 16 Days

Ukraine • Belarus 

FEEL the perfect moment 

Pure and beautiful Belarus and Ukraine have long history and humanistic atmosphere. The almost forgotten Eastern Europe right now is awake. People are amazed by their vicissitudes of historical change, nostalgia and vitality, nature and civilization intertwine intriguing romance.

Best of the best

►Explore the most beautiful and valuable city in Belarus – Brest
► Two UNESCO places in Belarus: Nesvizh Castle、Mir Castle
► The most romantic place in the world: Love Tunnel
► The Pearl City of the Black Sea: Odesa in Ukraine
►Two famous UNESCO cities: Kiev and Lviv
►Visit the original orthodox birthplace: Pechersk Lavra Monastery

Try the local cuisine

►Belarus: Folklore Traditional Meal、Grand Café Dinner
►Ukraine: Trout、Garden Meal、Folklore Traditional meal

With all our heart

♥  Direct domestic flights, easy and save time: Kiev – Odesa
♥  2-night accommodation in Brest (Belarus); 3-night accommodation in Lviv, Kiev, Odesa (Ukraine)
♥  Cable car ride to the top of the mountain, skyline view of the entire city of Kiev
♥  Upgrade hotel to 5 star: Fairmont Grand Kiev, Renaissance Minsk, Grand Luxury Lviv, Nemo Odesa

DAY 1// Home City – Minsk

Travel aboard a luxury airliner to Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

DAY 2// Minsk – City Tour

『Minsk』The capital of Belarus. Belarus was originally a republic of the Soviet Union. After independence, it became the Republic of Belarus. It is famous for its lakes, rivers, and forests. The streets in the city are neat and retain the colors and characteristics of Russia.
Stalin Defense LineThe former Soviet Union spent huge sums of money to build a German fascist defense line, with a total length of 1,200 kilometers.
Victory SquareCalled the Minsk version of Moscow Red Square. The square is full of buildings and monuments commemorating the victory of the Soviet Patriotic War.

Hotel: Renaissance or similar

Breakfast: —      Lunch: —      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 3// Minsk – City Tour

Island of TearsOne of the historical and famous places in Minsk.
National Opera HouseMagnificent in appearance, mainly performs ballet and symphony, and occasionally some operas.
Old TownIn addition to the Holy Spirit Cathedral, there are many beautiful buildings such as the City Hall, St. Mary’s Church, and the Concert Hall.

Hotel: Renaissance or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel       Lunch: Local Restaurant       Dinner: Grand Café

DAY 4// Minsk - Mir/Nesvizh Castle - Brest

Mir CastleUNESCO site. It was occupied by Nazi Germany as a Jewish residence during World War II.
Nesvizh CastleThe castle complex took almost 400 years to complete. Repeated destruction and reconstruction allowed the final form of Nesvizh Castle to incorporate Baroque, Rococo, classical and modern architectural styles.
BrestHas historically been a link between the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Brest, a stylish and bustling metropolis, is more like a European city and is one of the cities worth visiting in Belarus.

Hotel: : Hermitage or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel     Lunch: Castle restaurant      Dinner: Hotel

DAY 5// Brest - Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park - City Tour

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National ParkOne of Europe’s only virgin forests and one of the oldest nature reserves in the world. The national park with many rare species was once a Polish royal family and hunting ground of the Russian tsars, and is listed as a world natural heritage.
Brest City TourThe magnificent Soviet-era war memorial is the most popular tourist attraction. A hero fortress built in honor of famous and unknown heroes who defended the country.
Central Railway StationThe most spectacular railway changing station of Eurasia Land Bridge.
Brest FortressAfter the outbreak of the Soviet-German War, the fortress became a spiritual symbol in the Soviet Union against foreign enemies.

Hotel: Hermitage or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel      Lunch: Local Restaurant      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 6// Brest - Lutsk (Ukraine) - Lviv

Lutsk also spelled Luts’k, Polish Łuck, German Luck, city, northwestern Ukraine, on a defensive site at a bend in the Styr River. It was a tribal settlement, perhaps of the Luchanians, as early as the 10th century. The first known record of the settlement dates to 1085.
『Lviv』Called “Lion City”, with many large factories, the oldest university in Ukraine and the famous Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre. The old district has many precious buildings and is listed as a world cultural heritage.

Hotel: Grand Luxury or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel      Lunch: Local Restaurant      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 7// Lviv - Coffee & Chocolate Tour

Coffee TourVisit Ukrainian coffee factory and taste Ukrainian coffee.
Chocolate TourVisit Ukrainian chocolate factory and taste Ukrainian chocolate.
High Hill CastleThe highest point in the city, breathtaking view of the entire city.
Market SquareHas more than 600 years history. Surroundings are City Hall, King’s Palace, and Pharmacy Museum etc.

Hotel: Grand Luxury or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel     Lunch: Trout Meal      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 8// Lviv - Underground City Tour

Underground City Touryou will get to see the most intriguing places of Lviv. Guests get to see the interesting catacombs below churches, the pharmacy museum. Make you feel the places you are at – in a funny way with stunning or even really scary stories.
Museum of BreweryModern museum featuring exhibits on the history of the Lviv region & its beer-brewing traditions.

Hotel: :Grand Luxury or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel       Lunch: Local Restaurant      Dinner: Garden restaurant

DAY 9// Lviv - Golden Horseshoe - Rivne

Golden Horseshoe of GaliciaIt consists of three castles: Pidgilci Palace, Olesko Castle and Zolochov Castle. Built in the medieval, these castles have a profound and vivid history, showing Ukraine’s rich historical and cultural heritage.
Zolochiv CastleOriginally a residence of Polish nobles, converted into a hospital, barracks, prison, and later an art gallery, with dinosaur bone chandeliers and priceless crowns.
Pidnirtsi CastleOne of the masterpieces of the Renaissance palace in Europe. A defensive fortress surrounded by moats and walls.
Olesko CastleBuilt in 1390, the birthplace of King John III of Poland. A gallery displaying Polish treasures from the 16th to 17th centuries.

Hotel: Ukraine Hotel or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel      Lunch: Local Restaurant      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 10// Rivne – Tunnel of Love – Kiev

Tunnel of LoveA section of railway with a length of about 4 kilometers, an arched structure surrounded by trees and green creepers, wraps the entire railway into a romantic corridor.
ZhytomyrSituated on three rocky hills and surrounded by ancient forests, is considered to be the gem of Polesia. An important transport hub.
Independence SquareIn the former Soviet Union, it became the October Revolution Square. Later, it was renamed Independence Square in order to declare independence.
『Bessarabsky Market』This indoor market survived through number of wars and revolutions, was under threat of demolition by the soviets but luckily still remains one of the most colorful and authentic Kyiv place.

Hotel: Fairmont Grand or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel      Lunch: Local Restaurant      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 11// Kiev - City Tour

St Michael MonasteryBuilt in the medieval, including the cathedral, the restaurant of St. John, the economic gate, and the bell tower. In the 18th century, the exterior was changed to the Baroque style, but the interior maintained the Byzantine style, an important monastery in Kiev.
St Sophia CathedralThe soul of the Ukrainian Orthodox faith is also a miracle of medieval architectural art. The large-scale mosaics, mosaics and wet frescoes that remain here are truly amazing. It is listed as a World Cultural Heritage.
『Pechersk Lavra MonasteryThe birthplace of the Russian Orthodox Church is full of mysterious and mysterious atmosphere. The cave church has the longest history and was listed as a World Cultural Heritage in 1990.
Kiev Underground SubwayExperience the deepest underground subway system.

Hotel: Fairmont Grand or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel       Lunch: Local Restaurant       Dinner: Folklore Traditional meal

DAY 12// Kiev - City Tour

FunicularThe ancient cable car with only two stations in the city has a total length of 238 meters and only takes about 3 minutes one way. From the height of the station on the hill, you can enjoy the cityscape of Kiev and the beautiful views of the banks of the river.
The Chernobyl MuseumIt has collected nearly 7,000 documents and maps, pictures and some physical exhibits. The museum is divided into three exhibition halls to tell visitors about the largest nuclear accident in the world from all sides.
Mamajeva Sloboda Open Air MuseumIt covers an area of 9 hectares. The three-dome wooden church displays various buildings and traditional customs, lifestyles, festivals and handicrafts, and rusty weaving. Learn about the old-fashioned lifestyle of Cossacks more than 300 years ago.

Hotel: Fairmont Grand or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel       Lunch: Local Restaurant       Dinner: Local restaurant

DAY 13// Kiev - Odesa

『Golden Gatebuilt in the 11th century and is one of the few surviving and well-preserved buildings from the time of the Yaroslav Archduke. The door leaf and the church dome on the gate tower are decorated with gilded copper foil, which is derived from the Golden Gate.
『St Vladimir Cathedral』Built to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the Christianization of Kiev, when the golden sunlight shines on the church, the yellow and blue colors of the goose are very beautiful.
『Odessa』A cultural mecca for Ukrainians and one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. It enjoys the reputation of “Pearl of the Black Sea” and “Southern Palm”.

Hotel: Nemo Resort and SPA or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel      Lunch: Local Restaurant      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 14// Odesa - City Tour

『Seashore Avenue』The city’s most beautiful tree-lined avenue, full of distinctive historical buildings on both sides, including the 19th century Vorontsov Palace, Pototsky Palace, the old and new stock exchanges, etc. The boulevard can best feel the romantic charm of the city.
『Opera Ballet Theatre』Listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the 11 most interesting places in Eastern Europe. The theater was built in 1809, and its main entrance faces small trail, reminiscent of an ancient temple. It is considered one of the best theater buildings in the Russian Empire.
『Potemkin Steps』Built in commemoration of the uprising of the “Potemkin ’s Warship” in 1905. Total 192-steps was widened from top to bottom. Standing at the highest point, you can see the entire port of Odessa.

  Hotel: :Nemo Resort and SPA or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel      Lunch: Local Restaurant      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 15// Odesa - City Tour

Underground CavesLocated on the outskirts of Odessa, some of the early colored stone fields became part of the maze that made the case. During the war, it was an important sanctuary with a total underground length of about 3,000 kilometers, which is truly amazing.
Uspensky ChruchThe largest churches in Ukraine, and its golden round roof can be seen from anywhere in the city.

  Hotel: :Nemo Resort and SPA or similar.

Breakfast: Hotel      Lunch: Local Restaurant      Dinner: Local Restaurant

DAY 16// Odesa - Home City

After breakfast, transfer to airport for flights home.

Breakfast: Breakfast box

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